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05/05/2019 - AB Brussels

I must admit I really like these lovelies.

Before the concert I had my hopes way up there, I mean Eiffel tour high, singing every song by heart. 

A good warm up was provided by the feel good voices off Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins off Hollow Coves, who took us on the road along the 'coastline' off Australia, trough 'the woods', with not much more then their guitars and voices. If you closed your eyes you could see yourself walk barefooted on the beach and smell the campfire. 

Yes they are that good.

Then the moment I've been waiting for... It's finally time to see, hear and feel: Walking On Cars - Colours Tour.

Patrick Sheehy, the frontman off Walking On Cars, by my humble opinion, has it all, A raspy voice that gives you 

goosebumps, enthusiasm, rhythm and soul, plays the guitar, has a sexy Irish accent and he is soooooo nice.

The Indie/Alternative music, these 5 schoolfriends bring since 2010 is danceable, fun, emotional and so real.

The energy that flows over the stage is so exiting as Patrick totally feels the music, whether he's dancing his dance or modestly playing his guitar, makes it a treat to look at. 

But it's the connection between the band members that makes this band so real. Socha Durham, stands her ground, as the only female member and pianist off the group. I absolutely loved it when she showed up in a polkadot dress, very bold, not everyone can pull it off. Her fragile voice carried throughout the venue as she sang along with Patrick on, 'One Last Dance'. She shined next to Dan Devane and Paul Flannery, who both definitely now how the pull the strings on their guitar. They just make me wanna learn to play the guitar to.

But I must say, it was Evan Hadnett on the drums, who blew me off my sox. The energy a drummer produces during a concert is crazy, I mean, no extra exercise in the gym needed, trust me!

Did I already say they are so nice? 

After the concert Patrick and Evan, came out to meet some fans outside the venue, took the time to sign CD's, take a picture and talk a bit. 

Last but not least, my favorite song... or need I say songs:

'Two Straight Linges', 'Too Emotional', 'Don't Mind Me' and of course 'Speeding Cars'.

Yes I am a FAN!

Gudrun ;)


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